Chemo-Informatics: How computer get knowledge?


I have twin boys. They are 2 year old. They spend their time in a nursery school. All of their goods clothes,towel, shose the identication mark is printed because they can not read character. One is banana and the other is lollipop.

I made demonstration program to get knowledge which one is banana and which one is lollipop.


If you are lucky enough your browser support old JAVA and proper setting of JAVA option, you will see the window like below.

Please push start button

At first, draw picture that you think it is banana(or candy). You need write all at once (keep mouse button push). Then push learn button that you write.

after clear, Draw candy and push learn button.

Change size, change direction repeat writing and teach. This procedure is same with teaching children. Computer soon learn which is which.

If you reload program, and set circle and triangle, computer learn that pattern as you teach.

Neural Network get knowledge from learning and store it neuron connectivity weights. So, it is very different from classic programing for computer. The program is same. The action is depend on what teach. it is very interesting technology.

I really hope Neural Network learn writing English instead of me.