I put Q3C class 3 solvents and several green solvents in this program. If I want to dissolve something, I just input traget HSP and push Search button. Program will search shortest HSP distance ratio for each combination.

ESTASOL™ Oxygenated Solvents

Eco-friendly solvent


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HSP Distance

HSP distance(Ra)={4*(dD1-dD2)2 + (dP1-dP2)2 +(dH1-dH2)2 }0.5

The Procedure is very simple.

Solvent A - Solvent B change ratio with 1%. Calculate 101 (0%A-100%B to 100%A-0%B) HSP distance and get shortest HSP distance.

HSP of Solvents Mixture

[dDm, dPm, dHm]=[(a*dD1+b*dD2), (a*dP1+b*dP2),(a*dH1+b*dH2)]/(a+b)

Ratio is Volume.

Please refer to original article in HSP application note.