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Last Update

Polymer Chemistry:radical polymerization simulator, Poseidon

poseidon (polymer sequence identify on browser)

If you push Monomer button, then registered monomer appear, select monomer and double click it.
Then that monomer move to lower table, and enter gram. Same way, please input solvent and initiator.
Then input desire temperature and time, push start button. You can get several information by choosing radio button.

If you are lucky enough your browser support old JAVA and proper setting of JAVA option, you will see the window like below. (This Applet is still running with Mac with FireFox browser. 2011.11.15)

Set Monomer:

If you double click the monomer, it will paste to list, so please input g.

Push OK button.

Select Solvent:


Select initiator:

Input temperature and time, then push start button.

You will get several information with radiobutton.


For co-polymerization, monomer consumption is not equal to intial concentration. program calculate new concentration of monomer every 5% polymerization.

monomer consumption

Initiator consumption

Degree of polymerization

GPC simulation


Poseidon mini HTML5+CSS+JavaScript version