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Properties Estimation: How to use Joback Properties estimation method, HTML5 program


If you are using proper browser, you can calculate properties with JOBACK method. This program calculate, boiling point, Critical temperature, critical pressure,Critical volume, melting point, heat of formation, Gibbs energy of formation, heat of fusion and heat of vaporization with the number of functional groups input. Please access to this page with adequate browser, then you will see the following window. Please input -CH3=2 and >C=O,1 (Acetone) and push calc. button. If you have experimental boiling point, enter it to text field BP (exp), then Critical temperature (Tc) calculation accuracy increase.

Please read Wiki page if you want to know about Joback Method more detail.

The iPhone/iPod touch, the screen size is small, so I developed other version.

Please select functional group with pull-down-menue, and input how any that FG exist in your molecule.

if you push i button, the calculation result will appear on reverse panel.

If you push Done button, you will back to main panel.

This program will not run on PC/Mac because it need touch event. If you are access this page with iPhone/iPod touch, please try this program.