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About the Pirika.com

I started this web site since 1999 Jan. 5th. The basic concept of this site was “Web Top Computing” or “Browser top Computing”. I am the JAVA programmer and my major chemistry is properties estimation. So I wrote a lot of chemical program with JAVA and put them on Pirika site. I developed these JAVA programs with Visual Cafe for Mac. Now I have no machine running Visual Cafe, so I stopped maintenance of these Applets.(If you are using Mac, these Applets are still working.) Now, I start to develop HTML5 base program. These contents will work on Safari, Chrome, fireFox browser include iPad and Android but not IE.

CV of Hiroshi Yamamoto


Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP)

2017.4.20 HSP50
Hansen-Hiroshi-Steven Solubility Parameters for Prediction (HHSSPP->HSP2)
Yamamoto Preprint 1
Yamamoto Preprint 2
Yamamoto Preprint 3
Yamamoto Keynote Speech1
Yamamoto Keynote Speech2
2013.1.28 Visual How to Use HSPiP
2013.1.7 What's New
2012.7.7 e-Book of HSPiP
2012.4.22 Co-Crystal Former

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Properties estimation
Molecular Orbital

Power Tools for HSPiP

2013.1.2 Power Tools
 Sphere Viewer


2012.11 Lecture at Yokohama National Univ. Japan


Pirika contents:

I was experimental polymer chemist at the begining. I started programing (around 1980) because I needed software to help myself. At that time, computer power was so limited. To view of molecule on computer, it took 3hr. Around late 1980, I began to use MOPAC version 3 and MM2 program. I made GUI program for that. And I had the chance to learn theoretical chemistry (Molecular orbital calculation and Molecular Mechanics calculation and other simulation) at CALTECH prof.Goddard group. At that time, I bought Mac IISi and programing with Mac after that. My major target was still polymer, so I was intersted in Monte Carlo simulation for polymer. But to build such program, I needed reactivity ratio or other propeties of monomer that were not in data book. At that time I used Molecular Orbital simulation. And I learned Properties estimation methods. These methods were not accurate enough. I learned Chemo-Informatics technologies and applied them to chemical area study. Then I needed to know chemical engineering to make real polymer. Now I can do everything what I want to do with softwares. And I put them on Pirika site. Now I teach at university how to make materials with using all of the softwares that I made by myself.

I know my English is not so good. It is much easier for me writting program than writting English. If you confuse my explanation, program tell youthe truth.

Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) 2008.7-now

A Caltech Friend introduced me to Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) developer 2 years ago.
After that, I concentrated on HSP and have so little time to develop for Pirika site.
Although, HSPiP(Hansen Solubility Parameters in Practice) implement Y-MB(Yamamoto-Molecular Break). And Y-MB properties estimation technologies are come from Pirika. The limitation of Y-MB is below 120 heavy atom. And can calculate C, H, O, N, F, Cl, Br, I, S, Si and P.

Power Tools for HSPiP

Hansen Solubility Parameters User's Forum @ Pirika.com

Collaborate with Academia

YNU(Yokohama National University Japan):



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