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Last Update

Chemcon 2014

written by Hiroshi Yamamoto

Please Send me your presentation material (pptx). I will convert it to web slide show.

2. Mr. Hiroshi Yagi,
Chairman, HyChemTechno Technology Office and Former President,The Society of Separation Process Engineers, Japan
" Recent Activities and topics of The Society of Separation Process Engineers, Japan" (Slide Show of Yagi-san's presentation)

4. Prof. Izumi Hirasawa,
Professor of Waseda University, Japan
"Recovery of substance from wastewater by using crystallization"

5. Prof. Meguru Kaminoyama,
Professor of Yokohama National University, Japan
" The Mechanism of the Mixing Enhancement of a Yield Stress Fluid in a Stirred Vessel which Aeration Operation"

1. Prof. Tomoya Tsuji,

Professor of Nihon University, Japan
" Heat transfer model in methane hydrates sediment sample composed of sand, methane hydrates, water and gaseous methane"
e-mail: tsuji.tomoya@nihon-u.ac.jp

3. Prof. Katsumi Tochigi,

Emeritus Professor of Nihon University, Japan
" Prediction of Viscocity Using Polynomial Expansion Method"

9. Kunihiko Tochigi,

7. Dr. Hiroshi Yamamoto

AGC, Senior Researcher, lecturer at Yokohama National Univ.
" Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) and Chemical Engineering -Solubility, Extraction, Separation-" (Slide Show of Hiroshi's presentation)
Speciality: Chemo-Informatics, programing, polymer science, Thermo chemical properties, Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP)

I put my lecture materials on Pirika.com.
If the students want to calculate by yourself, please contact me.

6. Prof. Hiroyuki Matsuda,

Assistant Professor of Nihon University, Japan
" Determination of phase equilibria containing green solvents for separation and purification processes"

8. Prof. Kazuho Nakamura,

Associate Professor of Yokohama National University, Japan "Electrokinetic phenomena in membrane filtration processes"


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