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Official HP HSPiP(Hansen Solubility Parameters(HSP) in Practice)
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HSP top page: HTML5 programs for HSP


HSPiP Team Senior Developer, Dr. Hiroshi Yamamoto


HTML5 is the new format to browse homepage and FireFox, Chrome, Safari or Opera browser support this new architecture. Even iPad or iPhone support this format so begin to spread very rapidly. I do not know the reason but MicroSoft Internet Explorer 6-8 did not support HTML5. IE9 begin to support but implementation is so poor and I do not support IE9.

If you are using adequate browser, please follow these links.

Power Tool Applications 2012.3.21

I and Question-TV developed several helper applications for HSPiP and FFE. These programs are wrote with HTML5 and JavaScript. These are test programs and can get pass code only limited user.

GSD(Green Solvent Designer) (2011.5.11)

This Program calculate solvents ratio that match certain Hansen Solubility Parameters. If I register only Green Solvents in this program, this program will answer altanative solvents mixture with green solvents.You need Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) for target molecule, so this program is for HSPiP user. If you have good idea about green solvent to register in this program, please feed back to me.

Draw2Smiles (2011.3.21)

This program convert depict molecule to Smiles structure that can use in HSPiP. HSPiP do not have depict routine, so please use this applet and give me feed back. The routine is similar to PirikaLight, so please refer to "How to Use PirikaLight" page. iPhone/iPod Touch version.

Sphere Viewer (2011.12.2)

This program show Hansen Sphere. I made this program for the researcher who want to share HSP result with other researcher (not HSPiP user). Now I distribute this program only Japanese users and compiling feed back. After complete the program, I may distribute to the world users.

iPhone/iPod Touch version

Sphere Demo